Getting Through Winter with Chinese Nutrition

Wintertime can be hard on the body and wreak havoc on the immune system. During the winter, yin gathers and hides qi, or your life force, deeper in the body. When this happens you become particularly susceptible to cold disorders such as a sore throat, breathing illness such as bronchitis or pneumonia, the flu or just the common cold. Fortunately, following a warm diet during the winter months can work to balance the body’s cold stagnations and immune system. The following tips will help you to get through the winter in tip-top shape.

  • Eating warm meats supplement your qi, yang and blood. Options that meet this requirement include rich stews, red meat like beef, lamb and venison, poultry and even red wine. These foods nourish the body by providing iron and protein to help balance the system.
  • Hot, sweet and spicy beverages are acceptable to drink in the wintertime. These drinks such as coffee, hot cocoa, pungent teas and high-proof alcoholic drinks work to balance the body’s tendency for chill in the winter month.
  • Eating lighter meals, and avoiding too much hearty, heated foods. While warm foods help nourish and support the body, heavy meals can dry up fluids and be counter productive to supporting the body in the harshest season.

As always, enjoy your nourishment in moderation; this is extremely important when it comes to alcoholic beverages. A good rule of thumb is to only eat until you are 70% full. Because it typically takes 20 minutes for you to feel full, this rule will help stave off overeating and weight gain.
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